It carries on a work in order to protect natural and cultural richness of the Beşparmak Mountains, which is the ancient name of Latmos, on the other hand the project of determining ecotourism potential in cooperation with ADÜ Department of Architecture continues at full speed. Also, Latmos is introduced to all important tourism businesses of our region with all its riches. The hiking trip with the cooperation of Charisma Deluxe Hotel which is corporate member of  EKODOSD’s  and important hotels in Kusadasi started in Bağarcık which is one of the most beautiful areas of Latmos.

Halil İbrahim ÇEVİK who is the owner of Charisma Deluxe, General Manager Serdar KÖROĞLU and 45 hotel employees attended in this event. Stone houses built from the local stones of Latmos which have original architecture in harmony with nature  were amazed.

Pines which look like broccoli and contribute the economy of locals were watched with interest. Also, there are the pines which are seen frequently and naturaly in Latmos, in Turkey.

In Dikilitaş which is small temple on the mountain ridge and belong to settlement in the west of Bağarcık was made an examination. Also, Dikilitaş is in Latmos, which is estimated to have many historical sites waiting to be discovered,  determined by Dr. Anneliese PESCHLOW. Inscriptions which found on  architraves; they told that this sanctuary is dedicated to Zeus Acroios, that is, o Zeus at the top of the mountain. From the range of vision of temple, Wheel of the mountain is was shown. Also, this area was seen as a temple by The God of Rain and Air.

Both the beauty of the air and the mysterious and magnificent geography of Latmos were captivated the arrivals.

A journey to history was made by going back 8000 years. Anneliese PESCHLOW who is honorary member of EKODOSD has been researching since 1994 and introduced to whole world the Prehistoric Cave Paintings. Prehistoric Cave Paintings were shown during the journey. The paintings of hapinness which are drawn by the oldest painters of the region on Latmos’s gneiss rock with exploring the paint from iron oxide were viewed.

In this mysterious and wild geography which gives the feeling of a dinosaur coming from behind the huge rocks, the lives of the people of that period and the animal species in the region were wondered.

The participants who saw the pines which stretched out like a green forest sea and huge gneissic rocks that excited the people said ‘ We feel like that we’re on film sets, but this is real’.

In the Beşparmak Mountains, Bağarcık Upper Settlement which is the most interesting place of the settlements up to now and not determined the name in ancient time until today was reached. In this historical place which protected the the eastern lands of Herakleia and controlled the passing at the same time evaluated like the Sanctuary of Karia was taken a travel in time.

The Byzantine Castle which is constructed in Latmos’ rock were watched. Also, the participants wondered how the people continued to live there.

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