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İRA SPA provides you with an exclusive selection of the best in Spa treatments.

Experience a feeling of pure relaxation and pure pampering…


Turkish Bath (Hammam)

Discover the Ottoman’s traditional bath culture with İRA SPA The main aim of the traditional peeling and turkish massage, which is in the turkish bath (Hammam), is the clean skin, purify dead cells and ensure to feel fresher.


The first process in a traditional turkish bath “Kese” will be made on your sweaty skin for cleaning and purifying.

Kese will clean all your pores of tosic pollution, open them up and smooth your skin.

Foam massage means the process in which your body will be covered and massaged with foam of natural and

nice smelling soaps.


Full-body coffe scrub will make your skin look healthier after the first use. The caffeine in coffee helps to eliminate unwanted oils, making your skin look flawless. The coffee will slough away dead skin, leaving you with amazing, smooth skin.


The peeling is undoubtedly the most effective method of the treatment of acne,

keratosis and pigmentary stains, and for skin rejuvenation. It removes dead skin cells and

this way helps the skin to breathe and creates space for the growth of new skin tissue.

The sea salt has beneficial effects not only on health but also on the beauty and charm.

It supports fat reduction, provides the body with moisture and it is ideal for the massage of

problematic parts. Apart from effective magnesium and calcium, it also contains a lot of

other trace elements, such as potassium.


Let our therapist create a treatment appropriate for your specific needs. Each therapist uses a combination of massage techniques to creat a perfect therapeutic care experience. Our therapists start this care with reflexology.


This massage is unique tot he indonesia’s bali island. It starts a foot massage and continues with a long strong touch gliding over the body. Increasing effective pressure to release the body’s energy, leavingyou with a renewed and strengthened body. Natural oils will be used during the massage to release muscle tension and accelerate blood circulation in the whole body. Your mind will feel an extraordinary relief.


The tension within your body settles withindeep tissue and muscles causingyour muscles to ache. DeepTissue Massage is a regulative and therapeutic massage designed for problematic areas. It is extremely efficient for disposing of toxins out of your body and it is especially preferred by those who like tough massages. Deep tissue massage is a perfect method for relaxing physically, psychologically and mentally, solving blockages and stimulating energy flow.


Most massage treatments will relax you, among other things.

With a relaxation massage, relaxing you is the only rain.

For this season, it is on the most complete and indulgent massage you can have.

With the contents like lavender, bergamoti chamomile you skin and body will be relaxed.


A light pressure and tone massage that will ensure psychological relaxation applied on the entire body with various essential oils.


It decreases stress, eases pains and aches and ensures relaxation. Most of us are usually exposed to backache, get humpy in front of computer, carry heavy stuffs, sit and lay in unsuitable positions.

All of them cause tighten and strangulation of muscles. Medical massage types loosen aforementioned muscles and reduce their pains; relieve nerveous system by effecting neurons directly starting from vertabral column.


Golden massage oil, frequently used as a massage oil by Egyptian Quenn Cleopatra, regulates the body’s energy flow from the other side it is regulating the production of oxygen by increasing the person’s mind and spirit balance. The gold helps to regulate the body’s energy flow The massage stimulates the lymph system and provides fresh and shiny skin.


Offering a peaceful way of returning to one’s true nature through the use of heated volcanic stones that are applied to the chakras of the body.

Thermal conduction in the warm stone brings local and systematic changes in the body and influences the energy centers for the body and mind balancing.

How does VelaShape® work to help get rid of cellulite?

The Vela Product line is the only non-invasive body shaping product to combine four different technologies including IR (infrared), Bi-Polar RF (radio-frequency) and mechanical tissue manipulation using pulsed vacuum and massage rollers. The combination of the IR and vacuum coupled RF technologies causes deep heating of the connective tissue including the fibrous septae which in turn promotes an increase in collagen depositing and local cellular metabolism resulting in a localized reduction in skin laxity and volume. The additional mechanical tissue manipulation of the Vela causes an immediate increase in circulation and lymphatic drainage, both essential components for healthy skin structure. More than 3.5 million independent treatments have been performed globally to date confirming both the safety and unique efficacy of this technology.