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Çevik Group, with its principled perspective of nature conscious, respecting people, without sacrificing quality in the construction, mining and energy sectors, undertake as a duty of accelerating the development of our country and working to be one of the leading companies in the sectors.


Çevik Group act with the vision of ‘instead of following the others, be followed by others’ that meeting the requirements of each sector, always working to reach better in the sectors where it takes part with its continuous self-renewing structure.


Electrical energy consumption, which is an indicator of the level of development of countries, increases rapidly in parallel with economic development and it is seen that fossil fuels play a very important role in meeting the increasing energy demand. The certain countries possess the oil and natural gas reserves. In addition to this, reserves have the life of 40-50 years. This situation accelerates the search for alternative energy sources. Çevik group aim to become one of the leading players in the production of geothermal electrical energy about the efficient use of renewable energy sources and good evaluation of our existing energy potentials with support policies and legislative regulations for renewable energy sources  in Turkey.


Karizma Energy serves the drilling contracting services with its 2 drilling rig, one of them which received from leading manufacturers of the world is first fully automatic hydraulic tower of Turkey. Karizma Energy can supplies with sectors’ all needs with its experienced and skilled technical staff.  Our company continues its activities successfully in Aydın and Izmir.


It successfully completes all kind of processes they need their own sites as well as other members of the geothermal sector with the drilling equipment equipped latest technology which are procured from leader equipment manufacturers of the world. Our company has inventory and manufacturing capacity covering all the needs of drilling companies.


Beştepeler Energy was established in Germencik/AYDIN in 2015 to realize electricity production and distribution activities. As a result of its drilling operations, Beştepeler Energy succeed and it comes to the phase of establishment 24MW geothermal power plant (GPP). Our company will start the production of energy and continue the  other power plant investment by completing first power plant in 2016.


Our company has taken mines and managed in the various provinces of Turkey. Our company has taken mines and managed in the various provinces of Turkey. It established chromium enrichment facility in order to enrich the raw materials which are extracted from the mines operated in Kütahya province. Also, our company continues the mine investmens in line with  market developments in the world and in our country.


Cevikler marble is one of the leading companies in the sector and almost all of the production is used for decorative purposes in the construction sector. Our company, which exports 90% of its production to abroad,  continues its investments in this field rapidly.


Our company will start to serve very soon in order to operate in construction areas such as housing estate, government construction contracting works, business center construction


Our company which takes firm steps forward actively in construction sector completed the construction of 56 apartments with 18 floors in Istanbul Kartal.


Our company, located 71 km from Aydın city center, operates the facility in Kusadasi which is the one of the tourism paradise in the Aegean region’s coastline. The district center bounded by the Dilek peninsula in the South and Selçuk- Pamucak in the north  is at the center of major tourist attractions such as Ephesus ancient city, Virgin Mary, Milet, Didim, Pamukkale, Marmaris, Bodrum. The district is also an important port city with its proximity to the Greek islands. Our facility is located near Kusadasi Marina and is near the sea. It is walking distance from entertainment and shopping centers. “Charisma De Luxe Hotel”, which offers the harmony of nature and comfort, draws together innovative, creative style and luxury with its carefully selected materials which used in architecture. It has 1 Royal Suites, 3 Senior Suites, 4 Junior Suites, 7 Deluxe, 74 Superior, 121 Standard, 7 Family, 1 Disabled room total 218 rooms and 461 bed capacity which specially designed with modern accessories. You can meet the unique sunsets like on shipboard with rich open buffet dinner and start your day with a rich buffet breakfast in company with awesome sea view. Also,  Sefa Bey Farm, within structure of our company , is located at a distance of 10 km from our facility.  It adds rich flavors to its cuisine with its organically grown vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products.