Halil İbrahim Çevik who is the Çevik Group chairman of the executive board argues that credit debts should reconstitute in order to overcome the bottlenecks in the tourism sector. Also, he said ‘President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s call to banks articulate sector’s feelings’.

The tourism sector which has been trying to stand with long holidays little time before the season closes left its hopes to 2017. The resumption of relations with Russia,  the lifting of flight cancellations to Turkey by Iran, the support statements which are coming from government make happy to tourism professionals. Hoteliers primarily want to postpone the credit debts. TWO YEARS OF POSTPONING CAN BE WATER OF LIFE FOR TOURISM PROFESSIONALS.

Halil İbrahim Çevik who is the owner of Charisma De Luxe Hotel and Chairman of the Executive Board Çevik Group specified that tourism sector is in a dangerous bend with the support and investments, it has increased from 400 million dollars to 40 billion dollars in 30 years. He remained that firms have difficulty to pay their credits with the number of visitors decreased. He said that credit debts need to restructure and need postponing at least 2 years.

Çevik specified that the credits are around 15-16 billion dollars in tourism sectors. He said ‘ the sectors needs water of life. Because, Nobody gained enough to pay their debt. The reopening of the Russian market is the hope for 2017. However, the tourism professionals should be able to see 2017. Our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the meeting with Turkey Exporters Assembly member draw attention on the problems of the real sector and he said that the bankers need to take on responsibility. We will also wait the movement on this issue. Because, this is not just the problem of tourism professionals and enterpriser. Banks will have difficulty if they can not receive their loans. Their assets will deteriorate. In today’s conditions,  two- year payment in loans is drawn breath to sector’.


Çevik indicates that all people have the right of holiday.  A few lucky people in our country can take a vacation in one way or another. But, we still have children who have not see the sea and have not put their feet in water. This year, firstly, our project made real with the Ministry of Family and Social Policies the Provincial Directorate of Aydın, we started to host 10-15 children every week who stay in Children Houses together with their instructors in free of charge.

These children who are benefiting from the same opportunities as our customers are taking a vacation as well as learning many activities such as swimming, diving and English courses. Until today, approximately  100 children spent their holidays here.


Halil Ibrahim Cevik stated that they decided to continue the project which started with the children in state care. He said ‘There is no return anymore. I will not leave these kids even if the hotel is one hundred percent full. I will reserve the certain part of the capacity for children. If there are not any children in Aydın and Nazilli, we will bring children from Izmir, Denizli, Manisa. We want them to benefit from this project not only children under state protection but also children of martyr, children of veteran soldier and abandoned children. But, it is no possible that we can be sufficient for all children. We want that other tourism enterprises protect to this project and support them with the guidance of state. I believe that hundreds of businesses who see us will give the heartfelt support. Already they come together with these children and see their happiness, absolutely they will continue.’


Selçuk sağlam who is one of the project stakeholders and one of the trainers of Aydın  Provincial Directorate of Family and Social policies evaluated. He said ‘ We received such a request from Charisma Hotel. Our children are staying in a certain groups for one week in the hotel with the system of all inclusive. They are not differentiated from other customers, and we even see a separate favor from staffs. Children’s self confidence increased who came in this hotel. Their interest of English lessons increased. Children who have never been in the sea have learned to swim. They started to wonder the occupations. Most importantly, they understood that they are a part of the society better.’